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Floor Plans

We believe you deserve a home that fits your lifestyle. Whispering Woods offers a variety of floor plans that capitalize our gorgeous, wooded lots. Look through our beautiful home ideas, and don't forget that we love custom homes as well!

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Meet Our Builders

Dreams and Design


What if the notion of “home savings” applied not only to the idea of building your dream home without bankrupting the process, but realizing additional savings long past the move-in date?  What if you were even able to re-coup some of your money just by living graciously and efficiently in your ideal home? 

Rob Washam Homes


Rob Washam offers  reliable and proven points of excellence. Over the almost 4 decades of his construction history, Rob Washam has developed his extraordinary resume to include top accolades from oversight commissions who don’t pass them out lightly.

JFE Construction


JFE Construction’s approach to meeting client’s needs and desires begins with the assurance that one will be in the capable and professional hands of its owners, Chris and Melissa Jeffries. Each of these individuals bring a special brand of knowledge, expert design and personalized attention to their endeavors.

New Mark Homes


When looking for a builder who will listen carefully to your wants and needs, then build that home to your personal specifications but add a distinctive flair and design that is unmatched in superb craftsmanship and top-graded materials, look no further than Don Julian and Craig Archer with New Mark Homes.

Walker Custom Homes


Walker Custom Homes has the knowledge, experience, and expertise to offer you the custom home you’ve always dreamed of. Only the most qualified and select builders have been chosen for the new community of Whispering Woods. Jason Walker, of Walker Custom Homes, is on that list.