Dreams & Design

What if the notion of “home savings” applied not only to the idea of building your dream home without bankrupting the process, but realizing additional savings long past the move-in date?  What if you were even able to re-coup some of your money just by living graciously and efficiently in your ideal home? What if “savings” did not have to be synonymous with compromised quality?


When partnering with Kevin Stallings of Dreams and Design Building you can realize this concept in the construction and creation of your dream home, and expect no surprises along the way. Not only will you know what the firm and unwavering price of your home will be up front, but from start to finish you’ll be accompanied by Mr. Stallings, who brings over 25 years of excellent workmanship, and your own personal designer, who will act as a team to stay within those established guidelines to “save” you money.


Not satisfied by just building to your exact specifications, the Dreams and Design crew make it a priority to utilize every opportunity to adhere to stringent codes required to qualify your home as an *Energy Star Home. What that means, is an independent auditor must ascertain that your home operates, at the very least, 30% more efficiently than common code. Now, that is where the continued “savings” occurs. You will realize thousands of dollars saved over the lifetime of your beautiful home!


Finally, where some builders boast they can “save” you money on construction, it actually comes at the expense of using less-quality materials, and cut-corners, Dreams and Design will never modify their reputation for using the very best standards in materials and construction.


Join the hundreds of other home owners who have maintained great relationships with, and act as word-of-mouth for, Kevin Stallings and Dreams and Designs way past the last handshake!